Perception of road safety

Sondaggio sulla percezione sicurezza stradale 2016

The survey on the perception of road safety in Italy conducted in late 2015 - sponsored by Fondazione Luigi Guccione and edited last October by IPR Marketing with the contribution of Assosegnaletica, cild Center of Initiatives for Democratic Freedom e SITEB Italian Association of Asphalt Bitumen Roads - It showed that the victim of a road accident is still among the most dangers warned the Italian.
In particular, the signs not clear, in disrepair, missing, illegible, incorrectly positioned is one of the threats to the perceived road safety.
Much of the respondents - a sample of 1.000 Italian nationals, disaggregated by sex, age and area of ​​residence - has declared that it would be desirable for greater attention by the city government to the maintenance of road signs, further demonstrating that investments in equipments security are not enough facts.
To the question: "In his city, what would urgent today invest in road safety", Are mostly citizens of South and Central Italy that it very urgent that you also invests to improve road signs.

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