AQUA ITALIA audited in the Environment Committee

Aqua Italia, the association that represents the manufacturers and producers of plants, chemical products, accessories and components for the treatment of primary (non-waste) water for civil, industrial and swimming pools, was audited on December 12 in the examination of the DAGA and BRAGA bills on public water management.

For further information on the progress of the work, please refer to the video recording of the hearing.

The intervention of AQUA ITALIA, the last of the afternoon, starts at minute 4: 09: 27.

In summary, AQUA ITALIA expressed strong concerns about public water management in the terms proposed with the DAGA law because, especially with the blockade of the Concessions regime and the related reform that would be introduced, it risks generating uncertainty and blocking investments at a crucial moment following the next adaptation of the plants to the future requirements on the quality of water intended for human consumption and the need for upgrading networks and processes. Appreciation was however expressed by AQUA ITALIA regarding some articles of the BRAGA law that, on the whole, it seems to guarantee greater stability and more gradual reforms to the water system.

Action ladder
14.10 hours: representatives of Ref Ricerche;
14.30 hours: Amga Foundation representatives;
14.50 hours: representatives of Romagna Acque - Società delle Fonti;
16.15 hours: representatives of CGIL, CISL and UIL;
16.45 hours: representatives of the Usb Base Syndicate;
17.30 hours: representatives of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation;
18.00 hours: representatives of Aqua Italia Federazione Anima.

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