ATTI | Appointed at the 2017 Water Festival

ASSOPOMPE, the association ANIMA federated that represents within Confindustria the association of Italian pump manufacturers, has been main player of "Festival dell'Acqua" (Water Festival) - which was held at the University of Bari
from XNUMX to XNUMX October - with a speech devoted to the eco-friendly design of wastewater pumps.

The intervention, curated by Armado Carravetta - Federico II University, Naples - was part of a seminar organized by ANIMA Federation, with the contribution of the sector associations (AQUA ITALIA, ASSOPOMPE, ACISM, AVR) representing the various technologies of the water-related technologies (water treatment, pumps, measuring instruments, valves and faucets) and the participation of President Alberto Caprari, who presented all the protagonists.

Each Association has mentioned, from its own point of view, one of the main challenges for hydraulic planting in the coming years: regulatory evolution, also driven by EU guidelines, concerning the development and promotion of energy efficiency for all related applications to the use of water.

ASSOPOMPE's work focussed specifically on important innovations: new standards for clear water pumps and anticipations on what has been developing for wastewater pumps.

ANIMA workshop program
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