8 February | Inauguration of the first professional school for refrigerators

Il frigorista: la professione del freddo più richiesta e in continua evoluzione

Friday 8 February was inaugurated in Magenta, in via Leonardo da Vinci 21, the Frigoristi Training Center, the first cold school laboratory in Italy. The ASLAM professional institute together with Assocold and Assofrigoristi associations has created the only professional school in Italy for the training of future refrigeration technicians according to UNI EN 13313. It is also the first school in Europe, where an entire small store is reproduced with the innovative transcritical CO2 technology, made available by the technical partner Epta, an international group specialized in commercial refrigeration and installed by the members of Assofrigoristi. The desire to invest in the professionalization of refrigeration technicians stems from the growing need of the market to turn to an expert figure in the management of new natural refrigerants, which are the solutions of the future with low environmental impact.

Marco Nocivelli, President of Assocold, declares: "We are very proud of the goal achieved with this inauguration. Italy boasts a wide technical heritage in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector: passing it on to young people will contribute positively to increasing the success of the country system ", and continues:" The creation of the institute is an active testimony of our social commitment and trust that we place in the new generations, who will be able to achieve a high level preparation for a profession that is increasingly in demand. A training that looks to the future and will allow young people to establish themselves as expert technicians, able to respond effectively to the challenges imposed by continuous technological progress and European and international regulations ".

"In the past, the profession of the refrigerator was handed down from father to son," said Gianluca De Giovanni, president of Assofrigoristi. "Today, the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors are in strong and steady growth in the domestic, professional, industrial and commercial markets, as well as export performance. The technical and regulatory evolution therefore makes it essential to have new and higher skills to continue operating and to develop a market in great turmoil, where the need for qualified technicians is felt ".

For this reason, since September 2018 ASLAM, Assocold and Assofrigoristi have given the opportunity to 24 young people to train as "Technician of heating systems - installer and maintenance of systems with thermoplastic fluids" and "Technician of civil and industrial systems - Expert in plants refrigerators and heat pumps ", giving way to the effective collaboration between school and business. From the next school year, the students who finish the third year school can enroll in the course of "Thermohydraulic plant operator" and complete the whole path up to the diploma of Technician.

Future refrigerators will also benefit from a new national collective agreement that will protect the profession according to the UNI EN 13313 standard.

"ASLAM has been operating for more than 20 years in the field of vocational training and its method has always been to dialogue with companies to understand the most requested figures in the field of work. The identification of the profession of the frigorist emerged from the happy meeting between our experience in training and the needs of Assofrigoristi. Thanks to the birth of the new laboratory, from now on we can train young people and adults in this trade using the most advanced technologies. We are pleased to be the first professional school to have created the Frigoristi Training Center and we hope that this experience can also develop in other places "declares Angelo Candiani, President of ASLAM Cooperativa Sociale.

Carlo Montanari, EptaService Manager of Epta comments: "Epta believes in training, intended as a path of individual and professional development and the foundation of this institute is a confirmation. Inside the school, students will have the opportunity to get involved, using a laboratory equipped with a complete refrigeration system with the most innovative natural refrigerant technologies. The target? Help to enhance a fundamental figure for the sector, such as the refrigeration unit. The correct functioning of a system and its performances depend, in fact, also on a maintenance carried out in a workmanlike manner. "

The laboratory, the result of investments and donations for a total amount of over 500.000 euro will be a breeding ground for young technicians installers and maintenance technicians refrigerators and a garrison for the updating of professionals, with high added value courses coordinated by Assofrigoristi, in collaboration with Assocold and ASLAM. The Frigoristi Training Center was named in memory of Luigi Nocivelli, entrepreneur of the twentieth century, who has distinguished himself for having always believed strongly in the importance of preparation and curiosity and who has always felt the duty to give back to the community more than what we received .

During the inauguration event, Carlo Carabelli, ASLAM general manager, Marco Nocivelli, President Assocold, took part; Gianluca De Giovanni, President of Assofrigoristi; Carlo Montanari, EptaService manager.


Area 450 m2
Class 1 teaching room from 24 places, equipped with Multimedia Interactive Whiteboard (LIM)

Refrigeration Central Eco2Small 2 + 1 Epta with Heat Recovery Acs complete with Gas-Cooler LUVE, heat transfer fluid: Refrigerant R744 CO2 Grade 4.0, Plant Tn + Bt, Evaporator for cold room - FHD 811-4 FS LUVE R744 Tsc.

Costan brand refrigerated counters installed: Surgelati Tortuga tub, semi-vertical for fresh products packaged Lion Cub, traditional counter with assisted service Rossini, vertical counter for pre-packaged fresh products GranVista Next.

ASLAM - Cooperativa Sociale is an accredited institution in the Lombardy Region that designs and realizes courses of Education and Vocational Training, Higher Education and Continuing Education. ASLAM operates through five offices in three provinces of Lombardy proposing courses linked to the professional needs of the different territories. At its headquarters in MaSgenta offers training in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, heating and plumbing and welding.

ASSOFRIGORISTI - Associazione Italiana Frigoristi, born in 2006, takes care of enhancing the profession of the refrigeration technician and noting the importance for the quality and efficiency of the refrigeration and air conditioning installations, increasing their skills and the level of information at protection of the category and the environment. Interacts with the Institutions and Institutions at every level and with the business associations of the supply chain. A member of AREA and Asercom at the European level, he is part of the federation of FINCO business associations in Italy. Giannuca De Giovanni, an entrepreneur in the sector, is president of the 2014.

ASSOCOLD, Builders Technologies for the Cold, represents the manufacturers of plants and equipment in the world of refrigeration, in whose chair was appointed the engineer. Marco Nocivelli. Assocold is born within Assofoodtec, the most important Italian association in the field of technologies for Food, adheres to the federal system of ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia and in the European context is a member of EUROVENT - Europe's Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies.

EPTA - Multinational group specialized in commercial refrigeration, operates worldwide thanks to its brands Costan (1946), Bonnet Névé (1930), George Barker (1928), Eurocryor (1991), Misa (1969), Iarp (1983) and Knudsen Køling (1961). Epta is positioned on the domestic and international market as a partner able to produce and market complete refrigeration systems, thanks to the integration of non-specific product lines such as: traditional, vertical and semi-vertical refrigeration counters, positive, vertical and horizontal negative, built-in group banks (Plug-ins), medium and large power plants and cold rooms. Based in Milan, it works with 5.000 employees, with a widespread commercial presence all over the world and boasts, in 2017, a turnover of 888 Million Euro.

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