Andrea Salati Chiodini is the new Assofoodtec President

Nuova Presidenza ASSOFOODTEC 2019-2020

Andrea Salati Chiodini He was elected president of Assofoodtec by the Executive Council of last 12 March. It happens to Marco Nocivelli, who since 5 March holds the position of president of ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia. Assofoodtec is the Italian Association of Manufacturers of Machinery, Equipment, Equipment for Production, Processing and Food Preservation, federated ANIMA Confindustria. From the 2012 Andrea Salati Chiodini held the position of President of the Slicers, Tritacarne and Affini, one of the sectors of Assofoodtec. His role has now been handed over to Marco Ferlito, newly elected President of the Slicers, Meat Grinder and Related products division.

«Our sector exports more than half of what it produces. Plants for pasta factories, for the confectionery industry, for meat processing, espresso coffee machines, refrigeration equipment are the Italian technologies that the world requires. Good Italian food needs technologies that ensure its quality. And they know it abroad, "says the new president, Salati Chiodini. «For the innovation, safety and hygiene of the machines that we ensure our exports over the years has seen a strong increase. We need that the credibility of the product we sell also has the credibility of our country behind it, that is, it can boast a political stability necessary in the eyes of foreign customers for whom certainty is decisive for directing investments ".

The macrosector "Technologies and equipment for food products", represented by Assofodtec, in the 2018 recorded an increase in production compared to 2017 (+ 2,5%), as well as exports (+ 2,6%) and investments (+ 5,2%) . According to 2019 forecasts of the SOUL Studies Office, the positive trend should be confirmed even if less clearly: production (+ 1,7%), export (+ 1,6%) and investments (+ 2%).

Andrea Salati Chiodini, owner with the brothers of the company Minerva Omega group of Bologna, is Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company. He deals with research and innovation and relations with external bodies, sharing the technological development of those that will be the sector's trends. Born in Bologna in the 1962, after graduating from the 1981 he joined the family business, starting with direct experience in production, which allowed him to deepen all the problems relating to the design and construction of food processing machines. He immediately dedicated himself to new technologies that gradually appeared on the market, combining the tradition of care for work and the search for quality with innovation. The many trips abroad and in Italy, for visits to customers and fairs have allowed him to confront the various needs and evolutions of the markets, combining technical and commercial knowledge. Specific courses, conferences and trainings are part of the natural evolutionary path of knowledge in the various areas it deals with.

Minerva Omega group was born in Bologna in the 1945 and produces a wide range of machinery and solutions for food processing and packaging. Today it is a family company with a global dimension, which exports more than 70% of its production and represents one of the points of excellence for SMEs and Made in Italy.

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