First national census on alternatives to HFCs

Roma, 12 luglio 2019 - Sala Conferenze ISPRA, Via Vitaliano Brancati 48

Rome July 12 2019 - ISPRA Conference Room, Via Vitaliano Brancati 48: presentation of the ISPRA work "First National Census on HFC alternative technologies - Aerosol, Air conditionig, Foams and Refrigeration sectors", first census in Italy on "made in Italy" technological innovations alternative to HFCs and the first attempt to build a preliminary framework of climate-friendly technologies in sectors that use fluorinated gases. The occasion will allow for a comparison between the world of research, institutions, category associations and stakeholders.

Francesco Mastrapasqua, President of Assocold - Cooling Technology Builders will intervene for ANIMA / ASSOCOLD.


10.00 - Registration of participants

10: 15 - Opening of the works - Institutional greetings: ISPRA and MATTM

10: 30 - 10: 45 - Presentation of the ISPRA work "First National Census on HFC alternative technologies - Aerosol, Air conditionig, Foams and Refrigeration sectors": which medium-long term perspectives for the different sectors in the light of EU Regulation F- GAS and the Kigali Amendment

10: 45 - 11: 30 - Space for interventions. They have been invited to participate: ASSOCOLD / SOUL, ASSOCLIMA / ANIMA, UMAN / ANIMA, ANPE, AIA / FEDERCHIMICA.

Starting from the presentation of the ISPRA exhibition, companies and trade associations in the various sectors (refrigeration and commercial air conditioning, industrial foams, aerosols and firefighting) are invited to discuss the state of Italian alternative technologies to HFCs, discussing technologies existing, of the medium-long term future options and solutions, and of the possible technological problems in the various industrial sectors.

11: 30 - 11.45 - Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) of the Montreal Protocol - Preparing the technological transition towards a "HFC-free" future: capacity building, training of technicians and international standards (how they affect the development of companies; point of the situation with respect to the phase-down objectives of the f-gas regulation)

11: 45 - 12: 15 - Space for interventions. The following were invited to participate: ASSOFRIGORISTI, Centro studi Galileo, Inres-Coop.

The trade associations, the training centers and the research centers are compared on the issues related to the construction of a support framework at national and international level aimed at facilitating the achievement of the phase-down objectives, starting from the development interventions of the technical skills of the technicians of the sectors involved in the implementation of the F-Gas Regulation from the ongoing processes for the revision of the international standards, bringing their own experiences in view of the deadlines already exceeded and / or to come.

12: 15 - 12: 35 - MATTM / UNIDO - Internationalization and best practices compared in the various sectors.

12: 35 - 13: 00 - Space for interventions. The following were invited to participate: Epta, Carel, Euroklimat, Tagos srl, Gielle.

Starting from a concrete example of international cooperation with China presented by UNIDO on propane technologies (HC-290) in the domestic air conditioning sector, the participants will discuss how internationalization experiences in the various sectors may have changed (to light of the current regulatory context: Kigali Amendment and f-gas Regulation) and what perspectives exist for the opening of Italian companies to international markets and the development of strategic partnerships also through the instruments of international cooperation in the environmental field and for the promotion of sustainable development.

13: 00 - 13: 15 - MATTM - Montreal Cop-Mop protocol 2019. Perspectives and opportunities for the Italian System in light of the Ozone Multilateral Fund and bilateral environmental cooperation.

The MATTM provides information on the upcoming MoP of the Montreal Protocol to be held in Italy and will be an opportunity to also host side events during which companies can present their technologies or experiences abroad.

13: 30 - Close jobs

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