First practical course for R744 systems

A Magenta inizia la formazione per i frigoristi del futuro

Today, Thursday 11 April, the first specific practical training course for transcritical CO2 systems is starting at the Frigoristi Training Center in Magenta, Via Leonardo da Vinci, 21. With the management of the Plant and Maintenance Service Center, Assofrigoristi will deliver the first session of a structured training program to prepare for the management of plants of this type, which are emerging on the market, in particular, of commercial refrigeration.
The laboratory named after Luigi Nocivelli, is part of the ASLAM professional institute, and was built in collaboration with Assocold and Assofrigoristi associations.
In addition to a theoretical section (the first day) dedicated to the deepening of the plant layouts, of the thermodynamic properties, of the chemical-physical peculiarities, of the components and of the oils, of the construction, the practical part of the second day is of maximum interest. to the specifics of the R744 refrigerant, linked to the operations of starting ordinary, extraordinary and periodic maintenance, to the anomalies and typical problems and to the typical cases of failure.
The new president of Assocold, Francesco Mastrapasqua, stressed that “networking and the growth of skills will make possible the development of the market for the future of the sector. The protection of the environment and the growth of professional skills are imposing a virtuous path to all the companies in the supply chain, which must become an active part in realizing the conditions and the industrial eco-system and services capable of facing the challenges that are being posed " .
Assofrigoristi also expresses satisfaction with the start-up of the activities, which will see a monthly frequency for the offer to professionals, while, among the challenges still to be faced, there is the need to develop a structured training program for new trainers to achieve the objectives defined with ASLAM to realize the four-year term for the diploma from Frigorista.
"It's a challenge never faced before" indicates Marco Masini, director of Assofrigoristi. "We are in the field of the most innovative technologies, and the teachers, to date, are the most qualified refrigerators working in companies with a high intensity of innovation certified EN13313. Removing them from their daily work to make them available for training is not easy. This is why we are moving with Aslam in search of solutions which regional, national and European institutions must take on, realizing the strategic value of refrigeration! ”.

ASLAM - Social Cooperative is an institution accredited by the Lombardy Region that designs and implements Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Continuing Education courses. ASLAM operates through five offices in three provinces of Lombardy, offering courses related to the professional needs of the various territories. At its headquarters in Magenta, it offers training in the refrigeration and air conditioning, thermo-hydraulic and welding sectors.

ASSOFRIGORISTI - Associazione Italiana Frigoristi, born in 2006, takes care of enhancing the profession of the refrigeration technician and noting the importance for the quality and efficiency of the refrigeration and air conditioning installations, increasing their skills and the level of information at protection of the category and the environment. Interacts with the Institutions and Institutions at every level and with the business associations of the supply chain. A member of AREA and Asercom at the European level, he is part of the federation of FINCO business associations in Italy. Giannuca De Giovanni, an entrepreneur in the sector, is president of the 2014.

ASSOCOLD, Refrigeration Technology Builders, represents the manufacturers of plants and equipment in the world of refrigeration, whose chairman was Ing. Francesco Mastrapasqua. Assocold was born within Assofoodtec, the most important Italian associative reference point in the food technology sector, it adheres to the federal system of ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia and in Europe it is a member of EUROVENT - Europe's Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies.

EPTA - Multinational group specialized in commercial refrigeration, operates worldwide thanks to its brands Costan (1946), Bonnet Névé (1930), George Barker (1928), Eurocryor (1991), Misa (1969), Iarp (1983) and Knudsen Køling (1961). Epta is positioned on the domestic and international market as a partner able to produce and market complete refrigeration systems, thanks to the integration of non-specific product lines such as: traditional, vertical and semi-vertical refrigeration counters, positive, vertical and horizontal negative, built-in group banks (Plug-ins), medium and large power plants and cold rooms. Based in Milan, it works with 5.000 employees, with a widespread commercial presence all over the world and boasts, in 2017, a turnover of 888 Million Euro.

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