Renewal Consultation Agreement Technical Standards Catalogue UNI

Rinnovato l’accordo UNI con ANIMA e Confindustria per l'anno 2017

La Federation ANIMA e Confindustria have renewed for the year 2017 the agreement signed with the UNI, Which allows members SOUL adherence to subscription service for the consultation of the complete collection of UNI.With the accession of ANIMA Federation to the Convention, all Members have the opportunity to purchase a subscription to the online consultation of full texts of all national technical rules, transpositions of European ones EN and adoption of ISO international ones, on very favorable terms.

For the year 2017, Members who join the service can view the full text of UNI (the only mode on-line consultation of the document without drain) until December 31 2017 300,00 the standard price of € (+ VAT).

To renew the Convention for the 2017, the SOUL Members who have signed the same for 2016, should simply log into their personal space on the UNI website and to renew by clicking on the item "Buy Subscription UNI".

Shareholders wishing to sign the Convention for the first time must submit a request to the email address indicating the following information: name, registered office, fiscal code and VAT number, telephone, e-mail and contact person.

SOUL circulate to UNI request Associated our company to join the service; UNI will then directly to provide any operational details.

You can find more details and the text of the Convention UNI - Confindustria to the following link.

We invite you to send any questions or requests for clarification at

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