Seminar "China: the mandatory requirements for materials in contact with food (MOCA)

12 aprile 2019 Seminario ANIMA - ICIM

ANIMA and ICIM in collaboration with BellCERT International Inspection And Certification Group, Chinese Certification Body organized the 12 April 2019 the Seminar "CHINA: the mandatory requirements for materials in contact with food (MOCA)" from 10: 00 to 13: 00 at the ANIMA headquarters in Via A. Scarsellini 13, Milan.

The materials in contact with food (MOCA) must be produced in accordance with good manufacturing practices to avoid that substances hazardous to human health or substances that change their composition or deteriorate their organoleptic characteristics are transferred to food. The European legislation on MOCAs is harmonized, but in China?
 How should the Italian industry that exports products that must meet the MOCA requirements behave?
 What are the specifications indicated by Chinese legislation regarding the mandatory certification of MOCAs?
 What are the rules and requirements to ensure the quality of MOCAs?
 What to do to penetrate the Chinese market?
 What can you do to be a winner in MOCA exports on the Chinese market?

These and other questions are answered by the 12 April seminar dedicated to all MOCA production companies that want to differentiate themselves and find a competitive advantage on the Chinese market.
A seminar of great interest because it allows to acquire first-hand information from the Chinese certification body of ICIM partners.


  • 9: 30 Registration of participants
  • 10: 00 Start jobs. Presentation and greetings
  • Andrea Orlando, General Manager SOUL
  • Fabrizio Moscariello, ICIM SpA Strategic Planning Director
  • 10: 20 The Trend of Chinese Economy
- China Compulsory Certification (CCC) in General for Electrical Appliance, including Food Contact Appliance.
10: 40 Introduction on China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and Quality Assurance Requirement
 - CCC Mark Requirement
 - Implementation rules for food contact appliances and certification procedures
 - Testing requirement for food contact appliances
 - Certification and Factory Inspection
 - Common non-conformities and case study in factory inspection
Mr. Wang Xiaojian, General Manager of CCIC Europe-Testing SL
Mr. LYU Hancong, Manager of Testing Dept. of CCIC Europe-testing SL
Dr. August Tsai, Chairman of the BellCERT Inspection and Certification Group

12: 30 Q&A session

During the morning a coffee break is scheduled.
The interventions will be in English.

Participation is free of charge upon registration at the following link >>

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