Sliding gates: a new incident

In line with the activities of the Permanent Observatory on the gates we present an update posted on the portal Help Window

"A Chinese merchant of 58 years, a long time resident in Italy, was hit by a heavy sliding gate at the close of its business. The incident happened in Montecorvino Pugliano in the province of Salerno when the man tried to move the gate to close it and the heavy artifact is out of the guide and it ruined him. Now he was admitted to the hospital in life-threatening "roar" of Salerno. investigates the local police station to identify the owner of the gate and the installer and to see if the gate complied with the safety regulations.

Every year many people die in Italy, usually elderly, children as well as adults, and dozens are injured, even seriously, because of the rollover or the malfunction of the gates. Several possible reasons for the phenomenon: poor design, construction, installation, or simply lack or absence of care and maintenance. The Permanent Observatory Gates intends to denounce a situation unworthy of a civilized country and push the competent authorities to introduce rules that do stop a tragedy, unfortunately, continues. "

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