UNI EN 16005: doors open for clarification

Power Pedestrian Doors

The UNI EN 16005 standard? Motorized pedestrian doors? Safety in use? Requirements and test methods? in his five-year life he highlighted the complexity of some passages, confirmed by the requests for interpretation received from the CEN technical organ that he has elaborated, the CEN / TC 33 / WG9? Powered pedestrian doorset?. To manage in an organized way the requests and formulate official responses have been constituted a? Interpretation Group? inside the WG9, which participates in the UNI delegate (appointed by the ANIMA Federation) that also h Convenor of WG9, Roberto Franza. The Italian representative has created a proposal to manage requests and share responses via an online FAQ system that can be reached directly at the address ask.uni.com/EN16005 and which can be linked to the CEN / TC 33 website. / WG9. In fact, the system was created by UNI and is managed by ANIMA with the involvement of the Interpretation Group? of the WG9.

Are they allowed to ask questions? exclusively in English, as will be the answers - only the representatives of the Regulatory Bodies, while the consultation of the archive of questions and answers already managed is free for all operators.
In summary, the system provides an archive of questions and answers within which to search for possible solutions to your question, if the negative result can ask a question according to a scheme that facilitates its management. Only requests for clarification on the requirements of the standard and not for advice and explanation of the application are allowed.

Naturally, the only technical reference text on the topic will remain the UNI EN 16005 standard. The answers of the Interpretation Group? through this service they are intended as a mere help for understanding the requirements of the standard, and do not exempt the reader from the responsibility deriving from the correct application of the standard.
The FAQ system developed for the UNI EN 16005 paves the way for a service that we will evaluate how to develop, even at the Italian level and perhaps aimed at a wider audience of users.

Source: UNI

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