Power pedestrian doors: EN 16005 "under" the Machinery Directive

The Official Journal of the European Union on April 5 2013, (2013 / C 99 / 01), issued the Communication of the European Commission in the application of the Directive 2006 / 42 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, and amending Directive 95 / 16 / EC on titles and references of harmonized standards under the legislation of the Union on the harmonization.

Among the new rules that appear to detect the EN 16005: 2012 powered pedestrian doors - Safety in use - Requirements and test methods published in October 2012.

The standard specifies the design requirements and test methods for motorized pedestrian doors interior and exterior, and covers the safety in use of motorized pedestrian doors used in both normal inputs that escape routes and fire doors and how to protect against the smoke.

The EN 16005 apply to motorized pedestrian doors of the sliding, swing and revolving, including balanced doors and folding doors with hinged doors and motorized horizontal movement incorporated into other types of ports whose main use is to ensure a secure access to people. It does not apply to: vertically moving doors, elevator doors, doors of vehicles, motorized doors or gates are primarily used for vehicular traffic or for access to goods, ports used in industrial processes, partitions, doors off the flow of people (like the gates of cranes and overhead cranes), barriers to vehicular traffic, turnstiles, doors at the docks of metropolitan / stations.

The publication of the references of EN 16005 in the Official Journal of the European Union is an extremely important act from the legal point of view as compliance with the safety requirements laid down in the standard offers greater protection to the manufacturer.

To chair the ad hoc group Powered Pedestrian Doors of CEN TC 33 who has completed the norm as convenor was the expert Roberto Franza representing Unac / Soul that has followed directly and actively drafting, coordinating the pool of European experts who participated in the work for this specific activity.

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