Insurance regulations and ceilings

Massimali assicurativi consigliati in Europa

One of our main objectives of ANIMA SECURITY is the diffusion of the current regulations that regulate the sector to allow users to know and familiarize themselves with them.
To deepen this knowledge, SOUL SECURITY, in accordance with the indications of EUROSAFE, has created a brochure that explains the classification of the "Degree" of resistance of safes according to the European EN standards.
The conformity to the Degree of Resistance declared by the manufacturer is guaranteed by the certification issued by recognized and qualified bodies as explained in the brochure.
The certification of the product follows the qualification and certification of the service and therefore of maintenance technicians as required by the UNI 11557-2014 standard and always indicated on the brochure, which also highlights the insurance ceilings used at the European level for each "Degree" of resistance of the safe.

Attached the detailed brochure.

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