Qualification and certification of safes and locksmith technicians

ANIMA Security's associates have created a project to qualify and certify safekeeping and locksmith maintenance technicians nationwide. A 360 training is necessary for a professional who needs to be prepared not only on the technical level but also on the relational nuances and awareness of the delicacy that his role assumes.
Luigi Rubinelli - Technical Director of Conforti Spa - clearly outlines the reasons and advantages of the initiative. «The association Anima Sicurezza prepares the category of professional technicians organizing courses that focus mainly on the procedural and behavioral activities of the trade. Up to now the training was entrusted to the builders and professionalism of independent technicians. With the entry into force of the UNI EN 11557 legislation regarding unregulated professional activities, we have taken a cue to create an opportunity for technicians working in the maintenance of passive safety and therefore, in cascade, to improve the level of safety in the our market ».
Rubinelli also traces the profile of the technician in the sector: "Since safety is essential to maintaining the efficiency of safe guards in the field of security, we teach technicians how to deal with requests for action, how to prepare and conduct the operation, how to behave in order to maintain a safe and lock not it implies only technical skills, but also confidentiality, responsibility and complete and respectful communication with customers. The technician must know the binding rules and the risks related to the activity he is doing, in order to face the different situations in the best way. In addition to the risks common to each work activity, the technician working on safes also runs risks linked to the values ​​contained in the safes: for example, the maintenance of an ATM machine exposes the technician to the risk of robbery. We teach to complete their professionalism, making it an integral part of the reliability of a highly performing product, together with the professional ethics required by the qualification and certification of a technician.
The figures formed support an examination at the end of the training cycle. Qualified and certified technicians are registered with the ANIMA Security Association, which can be found at the association's website. From the market the market can know and draw on qualified and certified technicians.

Daniele Lussana of the Lem Srl has certified all its technicians and recognizes the goodness of training courses. «We have joined immediately to be ready. The market requires more and more selective competence and quality. We realize that technicians often know how to work but do not know the current legislation. Every day the interventions that are required to the company throughout the national territory are on the order of fifty a day. The success of the contact with the customers helps to confirm the positive initiative of the association ".

Fabio Podda from Sistemi Sicurezza Service Sas echoes him: "Certification of technicians for us is an added value. Until now, there were figures that were not recognized as specific but identified as blacksmiths. We have believed it right away. We have certified all the company's technicians. Very useful information on professional ethics. We have changed the working method. " Podda says the market enjoys good health. The interventions are in large distribution for the 70% and for the rest banks and private individuals. "A relationship of trust is established ». The company, open 18 years ago, has quickly become acquainted with the internet, the privileged site of users to find a technician who solves the problem. "There is this void of information. The customer does not know that there are companies that handle safes and locks with qualified and certified technicians. "

Today, thanks to ANIMA Security's work, there is a widespread and shared awareness.
The training course continues and the calendar already has new dates. The ANIMA Safety Association is also planning an upgrade course for certified engineers.

For more information, contact ANIMA Security Secretariat.