Updates from the Technical and Legal Area

Il Piombo nella Candidate List del Regolamento REACH: nota informativa Orgalime e documento ANIMA

Energy Efficiency Interventions - online new ENEA website

Confindustria white paper for the efficient development of renewables at 2030

Fire Prevention - technical standards for commercial activities

EU Internal Market - the vision of the European Commission

Tax credit training 4.0 - Circular MiSE

Periodic checks: 20 ° list of authorized parties

CPR Regulation - Support Study on Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Approval of the provision for the implementation of Regulation (EU) no. 517 / 2014 'F-GAS'

Plenary vote of the European Parliament on the Water Drinking Directive revision dossier

Exceptional Transports, increasingly urgent to submit proposals to the new government

Nickel 201, a new EAM (European material approval) for the PED directive

Hazardous chemical agents - INAIL brochure

European Commission - 2019 Work Program

Draft Budget Law 2019 - Hyper-Dumping and New Sabatini

2000 / 14 / CE Directive - Review Process - Update

Fire Prevention - RTV distribution plants for hydrogen for motor vehicles

The new PED and SPVD Guidelines have been published

2011 / 65 / UE RoHS Directive - ANIMA 30 Seminar November 2018

PED, SPVD and ATEX Directives - New lists of harmonized standards published

Revenue Agency - Guide to tax concessions for energy saving ed. October 2018

Revision of the 2000 / 14 / CE OND Directive - Preparatory Study of the Commission

The Lead in the Candidate List of the REACH Regulation: Orgalime information note and ANIMA document

BREXIT and Product Standards - Note from the UK Government

Directive 'External noise' - Some results of the preparatory study

Germany - Fourth modification of the criteria for the evaluation of metallic materials in contact with drinking water

Hyper-depreciation - New circular of the MiSE

ASME Conformity Assessment 360 Workshop

Review 10 DM March 1998

2014 / 30 / EU EMC Directive - New harmonized standard list published

Testo Unico Health and Safety - New edition

Innovative machinery - MiSE investment programs

Ecodesign of electric motors - New draft revision of the regulation

The NIS Directive dedicated to the security of networks and information systems in Europe is transposed in Italy

2012 / 19 / UE Directive 'RAEE2' - An Orgalime Guide

2014 / 34 / UE Directive 'ATEX' - New list of harmonized standards

EPBD Directive - The 2018 / 844 / EU Directive has been published

Facilitation of industrial research and experimental development (R & D) projects - New MiSE intervention

4.0 Industry - Competence Center Ranking

New fire prevention forms

WEEE Directive - The Guide on the Open Scope of the Supervisory and Control Committee has been published

Text Hyper-depreciation, the new faqs of the Ministry of Economic Development

Testo Unico Health and Safety - May Edition 2018

Periodic checks: 18 ° list of authorized parties

CPR Regulation - Validation workshop

The GDPR Rules - Point of the situation

CLP Regulation - Amendments to Annex VI

Commission's Working Document on the evaluation of the Machinery Directive

Public consultation - Environmental impact of welding equipment and machinery

2018 F-Gas Statement

Review of the EPBD Directive - Approved the text by the European Parliament

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) - ECHA Guidelines on Restrictions

Buildings and premises used for schools and kindergartens - Fire adaptation - Priority programmatic indications

2014 / 30 / UE EMC Directive - The new European Commission Guideline has been published

Regulation (CE n.1907 / 2006 'REACH' - Second functioning report

From CEN Consultant to Harmonized Standard Consultant

The new WaterMark scheme: free seminar on Australia product certification

4.0 Industry Technology Transfer Center - Rules published

Published the new ISO 45001 'Management systems for health and safety at work - Requirements and guidance for use'

2014 / 53 / EU Directive - New list of harmonized standards

Regulation (EU) n.305 / 2011 - New harmonized technical specifications lists

2006 / 42 / CE Directive, 2014 / 34 / EU Directive - New lists of harmonized standards

RoHS II Directive - Update on applications exempted from restrictions

Certifications of conformity in the Eurasian Union

Energy Efficiency - The implementation decree on the National Fund has been published

White Certificates and Electric Renewable Incentives - MiSe-MATTM Concertation

Published the Technical Standards for 2018 Construction

Published the calendar of FREE ANIMA initiatives at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort

Consultation of the technical standards of the UNI Catalog - Renewed the agreement with Confindustria for 2018

New lists of harmonized standards - PED, SPVD, RED

BIM - obligations of the Procurement Code and the role of the UNI 11337 standard

Pressure equipment operation: state of the art work on the UNI 11325-3 and UNI 11325-10 standards

Periodic checks of pressure equipment - Published the UNI 11325-12

Proposal review of the Drinking Water Directive 98 / 83 / CE

Plastic in contact with food - Published in the Regulation (EU) 10 / 2011

Regulation (EU) n. 305 / 2011 'CPR' - The public consultation starts

Circular Economy - European Plastics Strategy

REACH - Seven new substances added to the Candidate List

Health and Safety in the Workplace - The European Directive on the subject of Carcinogens / Mutagens has been amended

Directive 2014 / 30 / EU EMC - Consolidated version of the new line of the Commission's Guide

Regulation (EU) n.305 / 2011 'CPR' - Harmonized Standards and Evaluation Documents Europe

2018 Budget Law - 4.0 Business Package

Fire Prevention - Extension of tourist-hotel accommodation activities

Hyper-depreciation - Instructions for document fulfillment

Periodic checks: 15 ° list of authorized parties

Fire Prevention - Technical Rule - Containers-distributors, for private use, for the supply of liquid fuel category C

2000 / 14 / CE Directive - Published Inception Impact Assessment

RoHS II - In the Journal the 2011 / 65 / EU Directive Modification Text

New anti-dumping rules - The vote of the European Parliament

Ansaldo Energia launches Digital X Factory: Call for Innovation for startup and PMI industry in 4.0

VMIs for digitizing PMIs

NOMAD Help: How to correctly reproduce the sound emission levels in the instructions

9 ° INAIL Report on Market Surveillance Activity

REACH - Authorization procedure upgrade for hexavalent chrome

Waterborne materials - ANIMA membership at the European Consortium EDW

BIM in the construction and industrial sector: Italian legislation as a driver in the national digital transition

Report on the Evaluation of the Published Machinery Directive

Work equipment - Published 14 ° list of enabled subjects

2014 / 34 / EU ATEX and 2014 / 35 / EU LVD Directives - New harmonized standards lists

National Action Plan to increase NZEB buildings

New Sabatini - Interconnection and Integration Expenses

Regulation (EU) 305 / 2011 'CPR' - Published new harmonized standards list

Amortization - Officer extends 2018 in September for the delivery of goods

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