Aisem: the magnetic control of the ropes is not mandatory

Un position paper fa chiarezza sulle modifiche della ISO 4309

The Magnetic Rope Test - MRT, ie the magnetic control of the ropes, is not mandatory.

The changes introduced by the ISO 4309 standard incorporated the magneto-inductive control for ropes for lifting equipment (MRT) among the available tests. This led to the erroneous interpretation that the MRT was mandatory. Interpretation that has taken hold also in the context of conferences and websites.

To clarify the issue, AISEM, the association that represents manufacturers of lifting machines in Anima Confindustria, has prepared a position paper ("MRT: Magnetic Rope Test Magnetic inductive control for lifting ropes. Conditions for use. conscious and convenient ") to explain that the Magnetic Rope Test is not considered a mandatory and exclusive control tool for ropes.

The document is available in the annex.

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