ANIMA 4.0, a branch for associated companies

SOUL has opened an information service for member companies dedicated to Industry 4.0.

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The "fourth industrial revolution" is a change of course that affects all sectors of mechanics. Here are the main issues on which the ANIMA Federation is active.

Iperammortamento and incentives

Soul in the "Working Group Investments" mise. He worked on the preparation of the Guide Plan 4.0 industry, Guide to the measurement of hyper-amortization, whose purpose is to describe the use of the tax incentive mechanism.

But the measures introduced as part of the national plan launched by the Government in September 2016 are many. In addition to super and hyper amortization, in fact, companies can rely on New Sabatini 4.0, Tax credit for Research and Development, Patent boxes, Start-ups and innovative SMEs.

Funding for investors

SOUL introduced the system design "Mechanics Bond 4.0" . It allows companies to obtain, through the issue of mini-bonds, the capital necessary to finance medium-long term investment projects necessary to acquire new plants, do research and development, invest in patents or acquire other companies. The project partner is the Milan Polytechnic.

The role of the expert report

To certify the inclusion of an asset in the list of incentive products and its interconnection, it is important to subject the well to technical expertise; mandatory for investments exceeding 500 thousand euro, but also useful for lower investment amount. SOUL is working on an information service for companies with ICIM, certification accredited institution that can count on an important know-how in the field.


Companies and products

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    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.