A circular of the Revenue Agency and MISE clarifies how to apply hyper and super amortization

Industria 4.0 - Bonus con maggiorazioni del 40% e del 150%

On March 30 it was published Circular no. 4 / E (available here), Prepared jointly by the Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Economic Development, with fiscal and technical explanations for the correct application of Super and Hyper Amortization.

The practice document provides clarification on the tax measures introduced to boost the modernization of enterprises and their technological and digital transformation. In particular, the 2017 Budget Act provided for the extension of the amortization and introduced super hyper amortization, an increase of 150% of the acquisition cost of certain goods for the purposes of the deduction of depreciation and finance lease payments.

The circular also provides guidance on the further increase of 40% on the purchase cost of intangible capital goods (including some software, IT systems and system integration activities), also regulated by the Law of Budget for persons eligible already hyper depreciation.

Importantly, the iperammortamento belongs only to the extent that the good complies with the guidelines developed by the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise), provided by the circular for each type of machine.

In case of doubts about the admissibility to the facilitation of a specific machine, it is possible to request a technical opinion from Mise; if the uncertainty related to the subsidy is, instead, of a fiscal nature, it is possible to present ordinary appeals to the Revenue Agency.

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