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INDUSTRIA 4.0 - Un nuovo strumento a cura di ANIMA, ICIM e UCIMU

The portal offers updated information and documentation to be protagonists of the fourth industrial revolution and take advantage of the tax benefits associated with the depreciation and - in the reserved area - it offers the opportunity to upload the necessary documentation for the preparation of the technical analysis to support the certificate of conformity.

wanted by ANIMA Confindustria, ICIM e UCIMUThe portal is intended to help Italian firms to seize a great opportunity in the adoption of a new production model for the benefit of an increase in productivity and manufacturing quality through greater flexibility, speed of production and optimization the monitoring of real-time processes. In addition, the portal aims to help create a "trust" mechanism that generates benefits for businesses and accelerates the development of the country.

Access to the portal is enrichment in information and knowledge and, above all, is an opportunity for the benefit enterprises of the ICIM certification services, achieving the undoubted benefits to these users: assurances of compliance, expertise, multidisciplinary, experience, evaluation homogeneity assumption of responsibility and generation of added value. Core elements for the success of the evaluation mechanism is intended to prevent economic resources to investments that are not consistent with the goal of "Industry 4.0" and to have more security against the risk of any subsequent tax disputes.

The portal is divided into 4 sections: 4.0 and iperammortamento Industry - Read, newsletters, articles, reviews, case but also the various funding opportunities; Questions and answers - to find evidence or ask specific questions in privacy; How to take advantage of tax benefits. ICIM services - mode of access to facilities, how to find the service ICIM appropriate to their needs and request ICIM bid for the technical evaluation and the issue of the certificate of conformity; is Area reserved for client companies ICIM - with the ability to load in full cyber-security 4.0 of their innovation projects.

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