CIVA application - ANIMA in-depth seminar with the participation of INAIL

The CIVA application is the new online tool that Inail, with circular letter n. 12 of 13 May 2019, has activated since last 27 May to request online, on the portal of the Institute, the services of certification and verification of plants and appliances.

In particular, the system must be used for the following services: reporting of earthing systems; denunciation of protection systems against atmospheric discharges; commissioning and registration of lifting equipment; recognition of the suitability of vehicle lifts; performance on lifting equipment not CE marked; commissioning and registration of lifts and construction hoists; commissioning and registration of single pressure devices and assemblies; approval of the project and verification of the first heating system; first periodic checks.

The seminar was an opportunity to analyze in detail the operational functioning of the telematic instrument, discussing directly with the INAIL lecturers the results emerged in the first weeks of operation of the CIVA system.

INAIL has clarified that with the launch of the new CIVA telematic service the institution intended to establish the connection of the services rendered by the Institute with the administrative activities of payment of the requested services (pagoPA @ Inail service). Among the clarifications raised, we highlight that the 'application provides, during the transition to the new system, the ability to enter a payment already made through traditional channels (eg bank transfer, current account bulletin).

An interesting element that emerged during the seminar is the fact that through the CIVA system each user will be able to find the list of plants and equipment, indicating the serial number, entered in the archives of the institute. In this first phase of transition all the plants owned may not yet be present. In this regard, it will therefore be possible to use a special function in the CIVA application, to report the non-compliance. Users can also communicate to the Institute the acquisition of new equipment, or their transfer or disposal.

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