Ropes for lifting equipment, a day of study with Uni, Anima and Aisem

A Milano, il 6 marzo alle ore 10.00

In the lifting equipment sector, a series of technical standards are being developed and updated, both in CEN and ISO, concerning the ropes supplied with the cranes. In fact, the ropes must be correctly designed.

In particular, the UNI EN 13001-3-2 standard is being updated, which defines the general criteria for the project and for the verification of suitability in winding and deviation systems, and the UNI ISO 4309 which provides the criteria for controls on steel in service on lifting equipment.

Given the importance of regulatory developments in this sector, UNI organizes in collaboration with Anima e Aisem (the association that represents the manufacturers of lifting machines in Anima Confindustria) a day of study on the safety principles indicated in these standards.

Ropes for lifting equipment
In-depth study on the UNI EN 13001-3-2 and UNI ISO 4309 standards

Milan, 6 March 2019, 10.00 hours
Leonardo da Vinci Room - UNI Office
Via Sannio 2, Milan

An event that is aimed at all those who work in various capacities in this sector: from crane manufacturers, winches or hoists to renters; from the institutions responsible for occupational safety to the associations that bring together the bodies authorized to carry out the checks, up to the industrial associations in general (being the lifting equipment common in every sector of the goods).

Participation is free, prior online registration.
Applications will be accepted until the capacity of the room.

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