At Icim SpA the 100% of the shares of Omeco srl

Un nuovo servizio per i Soci Anima

Icim SpA, independent certification body with Anima Confindustria, announces the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Omeco srl, one of the most qualified independent test laboratories, recognized interlocutor in the industrial mechanics sector.

Says Marco Nocivelli, president of Anima, Icim majority shareholder: “With the acquisition of Omeco, Icim completes the offer of its already numerous services available to member and non-member companies, which can now count on our reference certification body also for all testing and custom testing needs. With Omeco, a first-level interlocutor enters the Anima galaxy, to which we intend to give value by making the acquisition evolve in an adequate context at the present time. At the end of the year - concludes Nocivelli - we will define icim's new three-year strategic plan, in which the integration of Omeco will play an important role, with the first objective of exceeding the 20 mln of turnover in the 2020 ".

Omeco, whose excellent reputation is recognized in the market for the breadth of the range of tests, for the rigor in the evaluation and for the competence of the technical staff, is an accredited laboratory for mechanical and technological tests, chemical and metallographic analyzes, non-destructive tests, leakage tests, bursting, corrosion, special tests, tests on construction materials, welding, professional training (it is also an examination center for specialized technicians) and is also accredited as a center for instrument calibration (Lat n. 090). There are also numerous fields of application: all types of industrial plants, chemical, petrochemical, thermoelectric, nuclear, pressure equipment, heating and lifting systems, transport, hospitals, components, construction industry, etc.

Among the Italian laboratories operating in the fields of chemical and mechanical tests, no laboratory can boast such a high number of accredited tests UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: a certificate of competence that comes directly from Accredia - where the company is registered with the Certificate n. 0003 - and from collaborations with important national and international industrial companies.

The founder, Clemente Marelli, Engineer Honoris Causa, can be considered a pioneer in the sector and certainly one of the leading exponents of testing services on materials in Italy and internationally, and has contributed to the creation, in 1979, of the AIPnD - Italian Association Non-Destructive testing - which over the years has become one of the leading scientific organizations that deal with non-destructive tests at an international level.

Founded in 1971 in Muggiò (MB) as a workshop for the preparation of specimens for mechanical tests, Omeco soon integrated its offer following the growing demands for quality testing coming from the market. From the 1997 he received the first CICPND (Italian Coordination Center for Non-Destructive Testing) recognition for the certification of non-destructive testing personnel, followed over the years by awards for PND personnel certifications in the Pressure Equipment Directive (Ped) . It is also a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for tests on construction materials in accordance with the 1086 / 71 law (cement conglomerate). Finally, Omeco is a laboratory recognized by Miur as an authorized laboratory pursuant to art. 14 DM 593 for fundable research and technological innovation projects.

The Omeco brand - for the authority and reputation in the Italian industrial fabric - will be maintained: the laboratory will continue to exist as an Icim company to meet the needs of its reference market and with a new organization / structure that will be headed by Gaetano Trizio , to Icim, who will also be the sole director of Omeco.

The acquisition of Omeco follows the one completed by Icim last February of Consorzio Pascal, a certification body according to the Ped directive: Icim therefore continues to consolidate its position as a reference body for mechanics, an area that today includes many companies protagonists of IndustriaXNXX, the theme at the center of the most recent Icim activity with over 4.0 certificates issued for access to tax benefits related to over-amortization.

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