Liberalization of the gas and energy market

The complete liberalization of the energy and gas market was postponed in July of the 2020. Until then, it is possible to orientate yourself in the vast amount of options offered to the citizen and start to get informed, so that you can consciously choose the best solution for each need.

A process started in the mid-nineties, which guaranteed the gradual transition from a monopoly regime to one of competition in the production and sale of the energy supply chain. The complete deregulation of the energy market will keep the prices of electricity and natural gas adhering to costs, transferring to the final customers the discounts that the contracting companies get by buying energy and gas in the wholesale markets.

With the aim of helping the consumer and minimizing the risks of wrong choices, the Competition Authority has developed a Vademecum, a concise guide to the advantages of liberalization, with all the practical suggestions to assert its own rights and avoiding the most widespread errors and "traps".

Text of the Vademecum

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