Marco Nocivelli is the new president of Anima Confindustria Meccanica

Nuove nomine ANIMA

The four vice-presidents who will complete the Committee's structure have also been nominated
Presidency for the next four years.

Bruno Fierro has the delegation to internationalization, Alberto Montanini to industrial policy, Pietro Almici will follow the organization and the associative development while Roberto Saccone with responsibility for external relations and the study center.

"We want to support the protection and promotion of our sectors. - says the new president ANIMA Marco Nocivelli - We will continue to implement initiatives to spread the knowledge of what we do and the needs of our sectors, also increasing our presence in Rome and Brussels. Starting from the success of Industry 4.0 we have some urgent goals to be reached within the 2030 to effectively support an industrial world that in recent years is changing all its parameters acquired, including and internalized in the last 40 years. In particular, we are talking about the drive to renew infrastructure systems, of all kinds, which must become more efficient, less polluting and more productive ».

Marco Nocivelli he began his career in Accenture. After an experience in France, he joined the 2000 in the family company as CEO of Costan, a brand of Epta, a multinational group specialized in commercial refrigeration. Subsequently, he holds strategic roles for the internationalization of the Epta Group, of which he is today chairman and chief executive officer. Marco Nocivelli was President of Assofoodtec and vice president of ANIMA with responsibility for economic relations.
Regarding the team of vice-presidents that make up the Presidency Council in the next four years, the choice was made consistently with the work program presented and the knowledge of the activity carried out by ANIMA.

To Pietro Almici, in addition to the activity of association development, carried out until now, will also be entrusted with the task of ensuring control of the economic performance of the federation and subsidiaries and also manage relations with associations within the federation to ensure adequate balance between them, respect for the rules and safeguarding the common heritage and the individual associations.

Bruno Fierro comes from a two-year presidency of UCC, the Union of Boiler Builders. Alberto Montanini has served as president of ASSOTERMICA, the association of equipment and components manufacturers for heating systems. Pietro Almici is the outgoing president of AISEM, the Italian association of lifting, elevation and handling systems. Roberto Saccone has instead held the position of president of ASSOCLIMA, the association of air conditioning system manufacturers.
Going into the merits of the individual powers, Bruno Fierro will have the task of consolidating relations with the ICE and the Ministry of Economic Development to ensure that the sectors represented by ANIMA become a fundamental reference point within the government committed to develop foreign economy policies. In addition, it will have to develop initiatives in countries of interest and ensure the presence of the federation at relevant trade fairs.

Alberto Montanini The task will be to accredit the federation and its associations at both national and European level, coordinating the needs of all the sectors represented by ANIMA. This delegation includes all the issues of our interest, such as energy, the 4.0 industry and all related activities, safety and the environment.

Finally, Roberto Saccone will have the task of deepening the knowledge of the sectors represented to support the protection and promotion activities and disseminate the knowledge of the ANIMA sub-funds through the realization of targeted events with the involvement of the academic world that accredit the value of the studies of realized sectors. It will also have to develop relations with the local associations and Confindustria to make the ANIMA system known throughout the territory.

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