Doing Business in the USA 7 November Country Focus

Business oggi tra complessità e espansione

>> USA 3 ^ outlet market for Italian goods, after Germany and France (8,9% on our exports). The machinery and equipment sector continues to be the voice with the greatest weight on the total American imports from Italy.

Forecasts for US investments in machinery and equipment indicate a growth of 6,2% in 2017 and 4,7% in 2018. In particular, spending on industrial machinery is expected to increase 7,9% in 2017 and 3,5% in 2018. For high-tech manufacturing production, which represents around 5% of the total manufacturing sector, 5,7% is expected to grow in 2017 and 5,5% in 2018.

>> Market scenarios beyond "America first" they point to encouraging signs of a possible resumption of dialogue between Washington and Brussels, even if the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) negotiations are in fact frozen. The prospect of a possible agreement between the US and the EU for greater integration of their respective markets is a crucial step.

>> New NAFTA: after a year of difficult negotiations, the 1 ° October came into force the new US agreement Mexico and Canada, will be called Usmca. It refers to the free trade of goods in North America.

>> From July 2018 USA are the largest producers of crude oil in the world, with an average production of 11 million barrels a day. Current trends suggest that the Oil & Gas industry as a whole could finally make a profit in 2018, thanks to an increase of 60% of investments in 2017, to the estimated 20% for 2018 and at a price of oil for 2018 averages about $ 70 per barrel. Within this context are high expectations, both in terms of visitors, both in terms of exhibitors, for OTC 2019, Offshore Technology Conference, the most important sector event to be held in Houston from 6 to 9 in May 2019 .

>> Constraints and sanctions for those who work in Russia and Iran, restored by Trump in August 2018. With the return of secondary sanctions, that is, the retaliation against European companies that want to continue doing business with these countries, hitting them in their businesses in the US. How to operate in this context.

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The November 7 participates in the update Focus for your foreign business that ANIMA, in partnership with ICE Agency and international speakers, organizes to provide specific and updated knowledge, along with concrete tools to operate on the US market in this complex economic landscape.

# Because many of the things that matter in doing business, do not know each other through the newspapers.

# Because exporting is necessary and profitable, but it must be done with new precautions.

# Because in SOUL the strength of skills, the comparison and the synergies between companies make the difference.



- 10.00 hours Registration and reception

- 10.15 hours Introduction of the meeting and first confrontation with the guests

ANIMA Confindustria

- 10.30 hours Greetings and introduction

Andrea Rosa, Consulate General of the United States - Select USA

- Hours 11.15 barriers to trade, tools and specific customs related to the territory

Katia Morichetti, Easyfrontier, partner of the ANIMA Dogana Facile Project

- hours 12.15 Bank operations in the US

Gennaro Miccoli, Business Consultant

- 13.00 Networking lunch hours

- 14.00 hours Market overview and trends for the Mechanical sectors

Giancarlo Lamio, Institutional Relations, ITA / ICE Italian Trade Agency

>> Skype direct connection with: Antonietta Baccanari, Trade Commissioner - ICE Houston Office Director

- 15.30 hours Aspects of international contracts: how to operate in the USA through representatives and / or distributors and how to set up a local company. Critical for those operating in the US and in countries subject to trade restrictions, such as Iran.

Lawyer. Hanz Giovanni Chiappetta, Lawtelier LLP

Lawyer Louise Martin-Valiquette, Lawtelier LLP, in Skype connection from the New York office

- 16.30 hours Q & A and conclusion of seminar

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