Focus China Beijing | SOUL 23 March

Sotto i riflettori il distretto dell'efficienza energetica

The next stage of the Focus ANIMA 2018 will be dedicated to the Beijing district and to the critical issues and opportunities related to energy issues.

China is the second energy consumer and the world's first consumer of electricity, possible supplies for energy infrastructure projects and is the country in the world with the largest installed electricity capacity (1.100 GW at 2013), almost 80% from sources fossils. The average annual growth of installed capacity in the last ten years was about 9%, expected to double to 2.390 GW within 2030.

The five-year plan for the 2016 - 2020 period has placed, among many, a very precise goal for the management of energy efficiency: reducing the energy intensity of China by 15%, through investments in environmental protection and energy saving for the equivalent of 2.280 billions of euros within the 2020.

Companies able to manage energy efficiency services can count on a market in China worth over 80 billion. For the energy / environmental protection sector as a whole, the Plan identifies mobility, conventional energies, coal, gas emissions and electricity distribution networks as the main points on which to intervene to improve the country's economy and the life of the population.

Italy is known in China for the technological results achieved both in the management of traditional and renewable energy resources, in distribution networks, as well as for environmental damage recovery technologies: our technological and competitive advantage, but it will have to compete with the new impulse given to national companies by the measures envisaged by the recent "Made in China" 2025 strategy, which aims to support innovative research and production to gain a position of technological autonomy.

The development program also faces for the first time strategic environmental problems: pollution has reached a level that is no longer tolerable and energy consumption per unit of GDP is twice the world average and almost three times the average of developed countries. For the first time the reduction of pollution is declared as the absolute priority of the government together with the need for a new sustainable development and a circular economy. In this regard, various governmental policies and projects partially financed by the European Investment Bank, to support the development of renewable, solar and wind energy in the first place. It is also defining a greater role for nuclear power, understood as an opportunity for the country to export the high technology of the sector.

Among the objectives of the XIII five-year plan:

- Coal: progress towards technologies that allow ultra-low emissions. The Government has foreseen a gradual reduction of energy generated by this source with limit to 52% in 2020.

- Smart grids: flexible interconnections of power systems

- Environmental management in Jing Jin Ji area (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei)

- Nuclear power stations with pressurized water reactors (PWR) and high temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGR)


In the first half of 2017, the overall growth of China was 6,9%, above the target set by the government last March of 6,5% for 2017

In the 2016, compared to the previous year, there was an increase in the value of Italian exports of 6,4% (from 10,4 to 11,1 billion in total value) and a decrease in imports from China in the order of 3,4% ( reduced from 28,2 mld euro to 27,2 mld euro). The data available on the first six months of the 2017 are even more encouraging, with an unprecedented growth in our exports to the People's Republic of China of + 28,4% in value.

The leading sector is that of instrumental mechanics (about 28%), followed by the pharmaceutical sector (10%) and the automotive sector (almost 7%).

Sectors of greater opportunity for Italian companies they are not limited to the traditional Made in Italy excellences of Fashion and Food and Beverages, but therefore:

a) environment and sustainable energy;

b) agriculture and food (entire supply chain);

c) sustainable urbanization;

d) health;

e) aviation;

f) space technologies and their applications;

g) infrastructure and transport

These are some aspects that will be dealt with in the Focus SOIMA dedicated to China on 23 next March.


- 9.30 hours Registration and reception

- 10.00 hours Presentation meeting and first confrontation with guests

ANIMA Confindustria

- 10.15 hours Institutional greetings and country introduction

Zhang Gang, Head of CCPIT - China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

- 11.00 hours Market overview and development opportunities for the Mechanics sectors

ITA / ICE Italian Trade Agency

Giancarlo Lamio, Institutional Relations

>> In direct Skype connection from ICE Office Beijing Agency

Amedeo Scarpa, Director and Filippo Petz, Deputy Director

- 12.00 hours Product Certification


- 12.30 hours Contractual, legal and corporate aspects

Avv. Giacomo Pescatore, Bovesi International Law Firm - Cartwtright - Fisherman

- 13.30 Networking lunch hours

- Hours 14.30 barriers to trade, tools and specific customs related to the territory

Easyfrontier, partner of the ANIMA Easy Customs Project

- 15.30 hours Banking operations

Gennaro Miccoli, Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank

- 16.00 hours Q & A and the end of the seminar

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