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Classifica delle merci e valore in dogana

Continuing in-depth training included in the Draft Customs Easy. Upcoming dates: 24 22 September and October marks on the agenda!

Il 24 September They will learn about the world and the EU system of classification, Also with reference to the consequences that the classification may have about the exact allocation of origin, to the payment of import duties and other taxes and any restrictions in imports and exports. We will also provide implementation methodologies of ranking customs in business information systems.

The seminar 22 Octoberwill introduce the criteria for the correct determination of the customs value and the consequences of false or misleading statements, both administration and penal offences. We will analyze documents, procedures and tools as support for investigating "customs value". The application of the law is intended to protect not only the interests of the national, the but also a fundamental principle of Community law (and national), such as that of free competition.

A highlight of the seminars, tailored to the field of mechanical, Will be the 'interactivity in the classroom, Where the instructor and the participants through examples and case studies scomporranno the difficulty of the subject to reach the the most effective and efficient solutions.

Aim of the two days of training and SOUL, is to equip companies with the necessary knowledge to the respect of rules and awareness for the strategic use of the rules, giving them the means to tackle the international market in an increasingly competitive.

Both days will be held from hours to 9.30 18 in Milan at ANIMA offices.

Enclosed is the detailed program and registration form.


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Project ANIMA Easy Customs - Dr. Massaro 02.45418.305

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