Focus Country ANIMA Morocco | Milan, 11 October

Paese stabile, in crescita continua e con concreto sviluppo per la filiera meccanica

Morocco is a politically stable country that has not experienced the tumultuous phase of the "Arab spring".

33,7 millions of inhabitants, of which about 60% in major cities in the country: Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Marrakech, Tangier.

Italy is the 6 ° foreign supplier for Morocco and, during the first six months of the 2017, our exports increased by + 8,4% (up + 9,8% over the 2016).

The main sectors of the country are:

agro-food products (cereals, fruit and vegetables, fish products) representing the 14% of GDP with more than 40% of the population occupied, and the food processing industry,

automotive chain, is the second African automotive manufacturer, after South Africa

extraction and processing of phosphates

a leather processing line, one of the traditional Moroccan industries

production of energy from renewable sources. Within the 2030, Morocco should produce the 52% of its electricity needs from renewable sources.

The 4 February 2016, inaugurated the first solar power plant in the world's largest solar plant. It will launch a project for the construction of three private hydro power plants and will also intensify the production of wind power

infrastructure. Enhancement plan to be implemented within the 2035 (roads, railways, airports and ports) with investments of around € 55 billion, the principal buyers are the State Railways, the National Airport Office, the National Port Agency

construction and tourism.

The 29,3% of imports is made up of instrumental and mechanical goods.

Morocco needs technology to boost its agricultural and manufacturing activities, meet the growing energy needs and implement its environmental policies.

In this perspective, the growing interest of Moroccan companies in the field of instrumental mechanics and equipment for the agro-food processing industry, alternative energy, the management of valuable water resources, infrastructure and logistics should be emphasized.

In February, 2017 also applied for membership of the Communauté Economique des Etats d'Afrique de l'Ouest (CEDEAO), an area of ​​free movement of persons, goods, capital and services in force in 15 African countries, with 320 million inhabitants .

The top ten foreign suppliers for Morocco are: Spain (15,4%), France (13,8%), China (9,3%), United States (6,2%), Germany (5,8%), Italy (5,6% %), Portugal (4,6%), Russia (2,9%).

Morocco, according to the World Bank, should grow by + 4% in the 2017, thanks to the best agricultural crops (precipitated), the industrial sector (which spends considerable foreign investment) and construction and major works favored by the programs of social construction and of basic infrastructures.

Similar growth is also expected for the 2018.

In this scenario, ANIMA Federation organizes a practical in-depth meeting at the Focus Morocco that will be held on October 11 in Milan.



- 09.30 hours Welcome

- 10.00 hours Welcome and Introduction

Consulate General of Morocco in Italy

- 10.30 Hours Institutional and Panoramic Greetings from the Country

ICE Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian firms

Giancarlo Lamio, Institutional Relations

>> Direct Skype connection from ICE Agency Agency of CASABLANCA with:

Giovanni Bifulco, Office Manager ICE Morocco

- 11.45 Export Hours: Contractual and Legal Aspects

Hanz Giovanni Chiappetta, Associate Lawyers Lawtelier

>> Connected via Skype with local law firm

- 12.45 hours networking lunch

- 13.45 hours Banking operations

Banking Institute

- Hours 14.15 barriers to trade, tools and specific customs related to the territory

Easyfrontier, partner of the ANIMA Dogana Easy Project

- 15.30 hours The SACE and Simest tools in support of the internationalization of Italian companies

Camillo Maria Pulcinelli, Head of Institutional Relations Department Simest SpA

- 16.15 hours Q & A and conclusion of seminar

Remember that the event is not a conference but a roundtable between business and professionals and that membership is closed to allow for direct interaction.

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