UNI-CIG 2018 Forum: Milan, 13 and 14 June

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NATURAL GAS, BIOMETHANE, LNG, BIOGNL: THE MIX OF ENERGY CONSUMPTION IS ORAMAI A REALITY. How to fully play the role that the National Energy Strategy has attributed to gas operating on the energy market as a Multi-gas System and seizing all the opportunities and flexibility that 4.0 Enterprise offers in terms of technological innovation.

The program of the 2018 edition of the UNI-CIG Forum will address supporting topics such as:

  • A legislative and regulatory framework aimed at calibrating in a balanced way taxation and incentive systems in order to guarantee the achievement of the set environmental policy targets, avoiding excessive distortion in the inter-fuel and inter-gas competition.
  • A development of the biomethane, on widely variable scales, which guarantees the necessary safety conditions also through a quality control and odorization of the gases fed into the network.
  • The implementation of a corporate cyber-security system is much more than an ICT problem: a real cultural shift is required which implies a multidisciplinary approach governed by top management of the company. Starting from an adequate Security Audit, it is then necessary to define and implement: a business strategy, an action plan, technological improvements, the necessary actions of Change Management, staff training, a system for measuring and monitoring performance, emergency plans, etc., all in the light of the imminent application of the new European Directive NIS, in force from next May. The Forum will try to clarify the effects of the directive on business contexts.
  • There will naturally be technical sessions with updates and insights on 'hot' issues such as: the rationalization of the gas measurement as a contribution to the transparency of energy efficiency, technological innovation and safety in the distribution of new gases, the transfer of skills, innovative products for civil comfort in the use of gas.
  • Furthermore, as always, the statistics of accidents and gas emergencies will be presented and the point will be made on the qualification and certification of the personnel and on the evolution of the regulatory instruments for the verification of the safety of the post-counter systems.

This year the UNI-CIG Forum wants even more than previously to meet the expectations of all those involved in the gas supply chain, providing important contributions thanks to the open and constructive dialogue between speakers and the public.


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