Milano, 12 e 13 giugno. Crediti formativi e quote agevolate per i Soci ANIMA

SOUL and Assotermica support with their patronage the new edition of the UNI-CIG Forum held in Milan the 12 and 13 June.

They will also actively contribute with two interventions: the first, by President Assotermica Alberto Montanini as well as Vice President SOUL, focusing on the role of renewable gases in the world of use, will focus attention on the new integrated energy and climate plan - currently being defined by part of our Government - is developing. Gas will in fact be able to make an important contribution to the decarbonisation process of our country, if we consider the high potential that today there is also in the world of air conditioning about the release of biomethane, hydrogen and more generally "green gas" on the network.

The intervention will therefore be focused on the work that the manufacturers of devices connected to the gas network are doing on several fronts (technical, regulatory and lobbying) to be ready to face a transition scenario towards an economy less and less dependent on traditional fossil sources .

A second intervention, held by Eng. Valentina D'Acunti, will focus on the need for a structured control plan for the huge boiler park installed and on what is placed on the market. It is in fact necessary that, in a rapidly changing sector such as air conditioning, there are certainties in the application of the rules by all the operators in the supply chain, who have faced enormous investments in recent years. Ing. D'Acunti will also highlight the opportunities that can emerge from an awareness of the existing, especially with a project to complete the unfinished housing units that could benefit the entire construction supply chain.

The benefits would be economic and environmental because they are linked to the needs of living and the lower consumption of land.

The UNI-CIG Forum represents a content and value initiative, with meetings and in-depth studies, as well as complete documentation and the possibility to consult the CIG volume on fuel gas accident statistics for the 2018 online in its entirety.


ANIMA members benefit from a special discounted rate, with 20% reduction, using only WITHIN THE 7 JUNE the ATTACHED CARD.

Furthermore ... The National Council of Engineers has authorized on recognition of n. 6 credits (n. 3 CFP for each day of the Forum).


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