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ANIMA dedica al Paese il primo dei Focus 2018: partecipa il 26 gennaio!

A business grew thanks to the stability, to the resources of the territory, the duties practically canceled with CETA, but not only: new objectives and investments, leading and emerging sectors, opportunities for Mechanics. We'll talk about the 26 January in Milan at the Focus Country. DISCOVER >>

FOCUS COUNTRY SOUL - CANADA, Milan 26 January 2018

Canada is a high-income country with solid economic and financial bases, rich in raw materials and with a substantial industrial base. It is a privileged access door to other markets, especially to the American market. The stability of the political and economic system, the conditions of the labor market, the cost of production factors and access to credit, together with the appreciation of Italian products and the policy of opening up to international trade, make Canada a country rich in opportunities, increased for Italian companies by the recent EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA), which provides for the abolition of customs duties and other innovative measures such as the opening of public tenders.

At the international level, Canada is a member of the G8, the WTO and the OECD as well as representing the 10 ^ economic power in the world. He is a member of Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), has signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States and Mexico and CETA with the European Union (reduction 98% reciprocal duties).

The intentions of investing in machinery and equipment of the major industrial sectors remain positive.


> Aerospace. The Canadian aerospace industry along the supply chain counts over 700 companies distributed throughout the country. In fact, Canada exports over 80% of aerospace production,

> Biopharmaceutical. This sector counts companies producing biopharmaceutical products and medical devices that market innovative products with the support of a top-level research community consisting of over 100 institutes, 670 biotech companies and over 28.000 workers.

> Renewable energy. Among the developed economies, Canada is the second largest generator of electricity from renewable sources and waste, and the world's second largest producer of hydroelectricity with all the credentials to become the world's largest producer of wind and ocean energy.

The Canadian government has set a goal to achieve the 90% of electricity from clean sources within the 2020.

> Mining. The Canadian mining industry contributes substantially to the economic strength of the country. The sector employs over 375 thousand workers throughout the country, in the various processes of extraction, refinery, processing, and manufacturing.



- 10.00 hours Registration and reception

- 10.30 hours Presentation meeting and first confrontation with guests

ANIMA Confindustria

- 10.45 hours Institutional greetings and country introduction

Embassy of Canada

- 11.30 hours The CETA (Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement): structure, rules of origin, tests and procedures for accessing zero or reduced duties on the Canadian market. The advantages of cumulation and the management of triangular operations.

Procedures, customs controls and simplifications as a competitive lever for Italian companies in accessing the Canadian market.

Easyfrontier, partner of the ANIMA Easy Customs Project

- 12.45 Networking lunch hours

- 14.00 hours Market overview and development opportunities for the Mechanics sectors

ITA / ICE Italian Trade Agency

Giancarlo Lamio, Institutional Relations

>> In direct Skype connection from ICE Office Montreal Agency - Emanuele Giusti, Senior Trade Analyst

- 15.00 hours Aspects of international contracts

Lawyer. Hanz Giovanni Chiappetta, Lawtelier LLP

Lawyer. Louise Martin-Valiquette, Lawtelier LLP, in connection from the New York office

- 16.30 hours Q & A and conclusion of seminar

The Focus Country ANIMA are targeted and operational meetings, with a round table structure with a limited number, reserved for maximum 20 participants.

The program is susceptible to changes due to organizational needs, subject to communication to the participants.

At the end of each action a time of questions and answers between participants and speakers follows, thus timetable of agenda is indicative.


ANIMA with ITA / ICE Agency and a team of professionals: strategic partners for the internationalization of the companies of Mechanics.

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