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A #Host2017 e Food-Technology Lounge un successo di presenze e interesse

It ended yesterday at Fiera Host Milano 2017, a reference point for the Ho.Re.Ca. with biennial success, recording a success beyond expectations:

187.602 (+ 24,3% on 2015) professional visitors, the 39% international.

Among the most prosperous areas: Europe, China, the USA and Russian and Middle East countries.

2.165 exhibitors from 52 countries: Italian 1.322 (+ 4,4%) and 843 esters (+ 13,4%). Beyond 500 events.

"Host is a successful case," says Fabrizio Curci, Managing Director and General Manager of Fiera Milano Spa. with an increase of 24,3% of the number of professional visitors, Host is confirmed point of reference to the hospitality industry, the place where its chains meet to shape the trends of tomorrow as well as to do business and networking. In particular, the number of foreign presences + 20,4% grows in two figures: decision makers and buyers also come from the far countries not to miss this appointment. "

"We particularly appreciated - continues Curci - the increasing commitment of exhibitors to contextualize their product with real storytelling, often of great fascination. A capacity that is recognized internationally by Italy and strengthens the the value of Made in Italy as a fundamental asset, in an area where the our industry is often the leader".

The Federation of Souls and its subsidiaries, has been active in the field of initiatives and meetings for the promotion of technologies and the knowledge of innovative tools.

Among the various issues addressed in the Food-Technology Lounge: the certification of materials in contact with water for human consumption and contact with MOCA foods (materials and articles in contact with food), new experiences for waste heat sinks , the survey on drinking water consumption.

B2B technical meetings were also held, in addition to demonstrations actually increased by ICIM, for an innovative approach and a modern stimulus of interest also for end consumers.

See you at HOST 2019 from 18 to 22 October!

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