REACH Regulation Update - Works for new Database Art. 33 (1)

In the 2018 the European Commission has published the "Circular Economy" package, which also contains the new EU Waste Framework Directive 2018 / 851.

The EU Directive 2018 / 851 came into effect in July 2018 and contains new tasks as head of the European Chemical Agency 'ECHA pursuant to Article 9, paragraph 2. In particular, these tasks consist of creating a database of articles containing SVHC substances from the Candidate List and making this information available to waste treatment operators and consumers.

The timing for the implementation of this database by ECHA is as follows:
• creation of the database by 5 January 2020;
• definition of IT tools that can allow all EU article suppliers to submit the requested information to the ECHA by 5 in January 2021
• from 5 January 2021 it must be possible to access the database by waste treatment operators and consumers (on request).

The new database introduced by the EU Directive 2018 / 851 complements the current reporting and notification obligations relating to SVHC substances in the Candidate List listed in the articles, pursuant to article 33 and article 7, paragraph 2, of REACH. The aim is to improve the availability of relevant information on articles containing substances from the candidate list for waste operators and consumers.

Currently the ECHA Agency is working on the preparation of the database, in particular for the standardization of the information to be provided by the obliged parties.

In May ECHA published the first draft of the Guide which specifies the information that will feed the database on the articles containing the substances of the Candidate List. This information has been designed to allow:
• identification of the supplier / producer of the article / producer;
• the unique identification of the article
• the identification of the data of the substance (s) of the Candidate List present in the article in question;
• the safe use of the article (ie other information on safe use in addition to the name of the substance, this information is mandatory only if deemed necessary to ensure the safe use of the article at all stages of the life cycle of the Article, including the waste phase)

The ECHA Guide is available for SOUL Members (

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