Ansaldo Energia launches Digital X Factory: Call for Innovation for startup and PMI industry in 4.0

The path towards Smart Manufacturing is now underway. We are therefore an interesting opportunity for all Italian startup and innovative SMEs able to design and implement advanced technology solutions applicable to production processes using the industry's leading 4.0 technologies.

The initiative originates from an associate ANIMA, Ansaldo Energia, which was selected by the Intelligent Manufacturing Cluster on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development as one of the first four "Lighthouse Plants" provided for in the 4.0 Industry Plan with the aim of achieving 2018 in the three-year period -2020 an Industrial R & D Plan aimed at introducing innovative digital applications in the production process.

To accomplish this, with the support of the Liguria Region, Ansaldo Energia, as well as involving some of the major centers of digital transformation (such as the University of Genoa and the Politecnico di Milano) and some important technology partners, decided to select some startups and innovative SMEs that can bring value to this initiative.

For this reason, Ansaldo Energia launches the Digital X Factory Call for Innovation with the aim of identifying the best design proposals that can bring real innovation within a reality such as Ansaldo Energia, which wants to speed up the process of digital transformation of its own operating processes.

In particular, the project proposal developed by the companies taking part in the Call must focus on 8 application areas identified in Ansaldo Energia's Lighthouse Plant as the most significant to support the ongoing digital transformation of its production processes:

• Operational Production Management
• Operational management of physical production factors
• Performance Management of Productive Assets
• Management of Technical Data and Quality
• Quality Data Management
• Additive Process for Repair Processes
• Smart Safety
• Smart Training
• Cyber ​​Security

Among all the realities that will submit their candidacy by November 20, the most promising companies will be selected on Friday, 15 December, at the Ansaldo Energia plant in Genoa Cornigliano, presenting their design proposals in front of a jury of industry experts 1 .
Among the startups and PMI finalists will be selected those that will contribute to the creation of the Lighthouse Plant of Ansaldo Energia.

The methods of participation and other useful information are available on the site .

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