4.0 Industry Technology Transfer Center - Rules published

Following the publication, last 22 December, of Directorial Decree containing "guidelines, criteria and indicators for the certification of technology transfer centers (4.0 Industry)", the March 20 was published on Certification regulations, activities that, with the approval of national certification bodies, are carried out by Unioncamere through its own national technical structure.

4.0 Industry Technology Transfer Centers
The 4.0 Technology Transfer Centers can be companies and entities, registered in the Companies Register and / or in the Economic and Administrative News Directory (REA) and in the compulsory Chambers, Registers and Registers, that are not in a state of liquidation or dissolution. o subjected to bankruptcy proceedings and public and private institutions and institutions, including business associations and their technical structures, provided they meet the required certification requirements summarized in theAnnex A of the Directory Decree.

We also remind that for technology transfer 4.0 Industry means the development of training and technological consultancy activities, as well as the provision of technology transfer services to companies in the technological areas of operation referred to inAnnex B of the Directorial Decree, including for example:
• advanced manufacturing solutions
• additive manufacturing
• augmented reality and virtual reality
• simulation of product and / or production and / or logistics systems
• vertical and horizontal integration
• Internet idustrial, internet of things and / or internet of machines
• cloud
• cybersecurity and business continuity
• big data and analytics

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