Hexavalent Chrome - REACH authorization procedure - CTAC Consortium request approved

During the REACH Committee meeting on 14 and 15 February days, the European Commission officially approved the requests of the CTACsub Committee for authorization to use hexavalent chromium for certain uses.

The Consortium has requested authorization for six different uses of hexavalent chromium. The duration of the relative authorizations that have been granted varies according to these uses, according to the following scheme:
• expiry October 2024 for 1 (formulation), 2 (hard chrome plating) and 4 (surface treatment aeronautics
• deadline April 2013 for 3 uses (functional chrome with decorative character), 5 (miscellaneous surface treatment) and Use 6 (passivation of tin-plated steel (ETP)).

The press release issued by the CTACsub Consortium and the texts of the authorizations issued by the Commission are available as follows link.

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