Decree-Law 135 / 2018 - SISTRI suppression

Following what was approved during the Council of Ministers of the past 12 December, within the Decree-Law 14 December 2018 n. 135 'Urgent provisions on support and simplification for businesses and public administration' (published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic No. 290 of December 14, entered into force the following day) was, among others, introduced suppression measure of the 'SISTRI' special waste traceability system starting from 1 ° January 2019 (not therefore the contributions referred to in Article 14-bis of the 1 Decree Law July 2009 No. 78 converted, with modifications, from 3 August 2009 Law No. 102 and the 7 article of the Decree of the Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and Sea 30 March 2016 No. 78).

The Decree-Law must now undertake the process of conversion into law.

Regarding the traceability of waste, from 1 January 2019, and up to the definition and full operation of a new system organized and managed directly by the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, the owners are subject to the traceability of waste they must continue to use the paper system, fulfilling the provisions of the articles:
188 'Responsibility for waste management'
189 'Waste register'
190 'Loading and unloading registers'
193 'Waste transport'

of the Legislative Decree 152 / 2006 (in the previous text to the modifications made by the 3 decree 2010 december 205) also through the modalities of the article 194-bis' Simplification of the procedure of traceability of waste and for the recovery of contributions due for SISTRI ', of the decree itself.

Furthermore, the provisions of article 258 'Violation of the obligations of communication, of keeping the mandatory registers and of the forms' of the legislative decree n.152 of 2006, in the previous text to the modifications made by the legislative decree n. 205 of the 2010.

With a note, the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea has announced that the new waste tracking system will instead be managed directly by the Ministry and will have the objective of digitizing the entire traceability of waste and documents tax rates, thereby exceeding the double paper / digital track and the loading and unloading register.

The text of the Decree-Law can be consulted to the following link.

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