Digitization in Public Works - MIT starts Public Consultation on the BIM

The Commission set up by the MIT - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has finalized the implementing decree, as provided for in Article 23 paragraph 13 of Legislative Decree no. 50 18 April 2016, known as New Public Procurement Code.

The decree identifies the modalities and times of the growing introduction of the obligation, the contracting stations and the economic operators, of the specific modeling methods and instruments for building modeling and infrastructures.

In the digitalization of the construction and public administration sector, modeling and information management introduced by the 2014 24 / 26 / EU Community Directive of the Parliament and the European Council of 2014 February XNUMX, currently have broad consensus in many countries in the ' EU.

The choice is dictated, in fact, by the need to rationalize and qualify the planning and verification processes, optimize the time and resources available, and internationalize businesses and professionals in the industry.

Consultation of this Decree, available from 19 June 2017 at 3 July 2017, can be reached online at the following link: http://commenta.formez.it/ch/CodiceAppalti.

The results of the online public consultation will be taken into account by the MIT for the final drafting of this Decree.

  • ANIMA will define the contents of the comments and / or additions to be made to the articles of the online document, in the name of the mechanical industry.
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