Directive 'External noise' - Some results of the preparatory study

In view of the meeting of the 'Noise Expert Group' (working group involving Member States and stakeholders on the issue of noise) the European Commission has issued a first presentation of the results of the study that was commissioned for the evaluation and evaluation of impact of the 2000 / 14 / EC Directive on the environmental noise emission of machines and equipment intended to operate outdoors.

Firstly, the presentation provides the different policy options considered in the study: from no change to alignment with the New Legislative Framework, including costs and benefits.

Among the recommendations you can find:
alignment of the Directive with the New Legislative Framework to improve its implementation and to impose the use of the ICSMS tool (the web information and communication system for the surveillance of the Union market), also establishing stricter requirements for national authorities and the Notified Bodies;
the revision of noise limits, taking into account the specific limitations of the products and potential interruptions of the production cycle;
the revision and updating of test codes and measurement methods, developing a timely updating system;
the complete revision of the Noise database architecture, providing for the transformation into a holistic tool for the benefit of producers, consumers and national authorities;
the possibility of revising the acoustic label, taking alternative complementary measures into consideration
the possible extension of the self-assessment to the equipment referred to in the current article 12 of the Directive ('Machines and equipment subject to noise emission limits'), keeping Annex VI (' Internal production control with evaluation of the technical documentation and controls periodicals') for the benefit of companies that do not have the means for an internal procedure.

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