DLgs 81 / 2008 and periodic checks - Reconstituted the Commission and appropriate rates

As part of the periodic checks of equipment, with Directorial Decree n. 11 / 2017, It was reconstituted on the Commission to examine the documentation for inclusion on the list of persons authorized under Annex III of the Ministerial Decree April 11 2011 signed by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, in consultation with the Minister of Health and the Minister of Economic Development.
The Commission will remain in office for a period of three years, starting from the date of the decree.

Also, remember that the Executive Decree of the Ministry of Labour of the 23.11. 2012, published in OJ No. The 79 29.11. 2012, establishes the rates that apply to the services referred to in Annex VII of Legislative Decree 81 / 2008 are updated every two years from the entry into force of the decree, on the basis of the ISTAT indices of consumer prices recorded a month before the update.
Pending a communication from the Ministry of Labour on the revision of tariffs, it should be noted that there has been a decrease of all'1 ‰ of the ISTAT indices and that will be applied to the tariff ministerial.

The new rate card is available for the associated ANIMA companies concerned (tecnico@anima.it).

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