Buildings and premises used for schools and kindergartens - Fire adaptation - Priority programmatic indications

On the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic no. 74 of the 29 March us has been published the 21 Decree March 2018 Application of fire regulations to buildings and premises used for schools of any type, order and degree, as well as to buildings and premises used as kindergartens, which defines priority planning guidelines for adaptation to the fire regulations of the aforementioned buildings.

The Decree establishes three levels of priority, referring to the interventions related to school buildings and premises used for school at the Decree August 26 1992 'Fire prevention regulations for school buildings three levels of priorities' (GURI No. 218 of 16 September 1992):

priority level a) - provisions under 7.1 points 'Electrical Safety Equipment', limited to the second paragraph, letters a) and b); 8 'Alarm Systems'; 9.2 'Fire Extinguishers'; 10 'Safety Signs'; 12 'Operating rules';

priority level b) - provisions under 6.1 points 'Practice spaces'; 6.2 'Storage spaces'; 6.4 'Spaces for information and parascular activities'; 6.6 'Spaces for logistic services', limited to 6.6.1 point; 9.3 'Fixed detection and / or fire extinguishing systems';

priority level c) - remaining provisions of the aforementioned ministerial decree.

With regard to buildings and premises used for kindergartens, priority levels are set with reference, for interventions, to 16 Decree July 2014 'Technical regulation of fire prevention for the design, construction and operation of nurseries':

Priority level a): provisions under 13.5 'Other provisions', limited to 6.3 'Security Services' points, limited to subsection 1, letters a) and b), 6.4 'Security lighting', 7.2 'Fire extinguishers', 9 'Alarm systems', limited to audible alarm, 10 'Safety Signs', 11 'Fire safety management and organization', 12 'Fire information and training'

Priority level b): provisions under 13.5 'Other provisions', limited to the 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 points limited to the 1 sub-paragraph, letter c)

priority level c): remaining provisions as per art. 6, point (a)

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