Energy Efficiency - The implementation decree on the National Fund has been published

On the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic no. 54 of 6 March 2018 was published on Decree of December 22 2017 'Mode of operation of the National Energy Efficiency Fund' which identifies the priorities, criteria, conditions and methods of operation, management and intervention of the National Energy Efficiency Fund, aimed at encouraging, on the basis of objectives and priorities established, the financing of measures necessary to achieve the national energy efficiency targets.
As illustrated by the presentation given by the Ministry of Economic Development, the Fund supports the energy efficiency measures implemented by companies and the Public Administration on property, plant and production processes. In particular:
the reduction of energy consumption in industrial processes,
the construction and expansion of district heating networks,
the efficiency of public services and infrastructures, including public lighting,
the energy redevelopment of buildings.

The Fund has a revolving nature and is divided into two sections which operate for:
the granting of guarantees on individual financing transactions, for which 30% of the resources that flow into the Fund annually;
the provision of subsidized loans for which 70% of resources are allocated annually to the Fund.

The concessions granted to companies can be combined (art.10) with the contribution or financial incentives provided by other EU, national and regional regulations within the limit of the de minimis Regulation where applicable, or within the maximum aid intensities permitted by the current Union legislation European State aid.
Similarly, the concessions granted to the Public Administration (art.15) can be combined with other incentives, within the limits of a maximum total loan equal to 100 per cent of the eligible costs.

Operationally, the management of the Fund will be entrusted to Invitalia on the basis of a special agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Land and Sea.
For the start of the operational phase, the Fund will be able to count on 150 millions of euros already made available by the Ministry of Economic Development, which will also allocate additional 100 million euros in the three-year period 2018-2020. The Fund will also be fed with the resources made available by the Ministry of the Environment.

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