Pressure equipment operation: state of the art work on the UNI 11325-3 and UNI 11325-10 standards

Last December 2017, the technical specification UNI / TS 11325-3 "Pressure equipment - Commissioning and use of pressure equipment and assemblies - Part 3: Surveillance of steam generators and / or superheated water", ended the UNI public investigation phase. This document, is part of the series of technical specifications developed in accordance with art. 3 of the decree of 1 ° December 2004, n. 329 "Regulations containing rules for the commissioning and use of pressure equipment and sets referred to in Article 19 of the Legislative Decree 25 February 2000, n. 93 "This technical specification describes the procedures for monitoring steam generators, in compliance with current legislation.

In a state of advanced revision - and soon to be released in public inquiry - there is also the other technical specification dedicated to steam generators, namely the UNI / TS 11325-10 "Pressure equipment - Commissioning and use of equipment and of pressure assemblies - Part 10 Surveillance of steam generators and / or superheated water excluded from the scope of UNI / TS 11325-3 ", which illustrates the correct procedures for the monitoring of steam generators excluded from the 3 part in compliance with the legislative provisions in force.

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