National Fund for Energy Efficiency - Presentation at the MiSE

The 15 January, at the Ministry of Economic Development, was presented the National Fund for Energy Efficiency. The meeting was also an opportunity for a first confrontation with the stakeholders on the basis of the proposal of operational rules presented by dr. Diotallevi (Business Unit 'large investments and business development' of the National Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Business Development - Invitalia Spa).
The National Fund for Energy Efficiency, provided for by Legislative Decree n. 102 / 2014 'Implementation of the 2012 / 27 / EU directive on energy efficiency, amending the 2009 / 125 / CE and 2010 / 30 / UE directives and repealing the 2004 / 8 / CE and 2006 / 32 / CE directives, aimed at mobilizing more private resources for the implementation of energy efficiency measures carried out by companies, ESCOs and Public Administration on buildings, plants and production processes, integrating the incentive tools dedicated to achieving the national energy efficiency targets.
The Fund has a revolving nature (the availabilities are replenished through reimbursements) and is divided into two sections that operate for:
the granting of guarantees on individual financing transactions, for which 30% of the resources that flow into the Fund annually;
the provision of subsidized loans for which 70% of the resources that flow into the Fund annually
The guarantees section also provides a reserve of 30% for the interventions concerning networks or district heating / cooling plants, while the 20% of the resources allocated for the granting of loans is reserved for public administrations.
The estimated endowment of the Fund, at 31 December 2020, is 310 millions of euro (185 millions of euro already committed) and can be increased by voluntary payments from other central and regional administrations, public bodies and organizations and non-profit organization .
As specified by the Undersecretary for Economic Development with responsibility for energy on. Crippa has started discussions with stakeholders who can contribute by submitting their comments through an on-line consultation that is active until Friday 25 January, reachable at the following link.
Available on place of the Ministry of Economic Development the pertinent documents.

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