Hong Kong Belt and Road Summit (28 Jun 2018)

Confindustria is coordinating the participation of an entrepreneurial delegation for the mission to be held in Hong Kong, the 28 and 29 next June, connected to one of the major international events focused on the Belt and Road Initiative-BRI, the Hong Kong Belt and Road Summit (28 June 2018).

The Summit is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council - HKTDC with the aim of deepening the projects envisaged by the BIS, and providing opportunities for international networking among companies operating in the sectors of major infrastructure projects, logistics, public services, urban development , energy and new technologies.

The focus of the initiative is purely business oriented and, alongside the official summit, Confindustria intends to organize, exclusively for the Italian delegation, meetings focused on:

• the Greater Bay Area development plan (Hong Kong-Zhashui-Macao bridge, Canton-Shenzhen-Hong Kong HS railway line or others)

the financial organizations involved

perspectives of collaboration in Hong Kong or in Third Countries with local companies or Chinese SOEs, based in loco, leading project of such developments and / or Authorities, Development Agencies, Project Owners, Implementing Agency, local industrial groups, stakeholders.

The mission will be carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Economic Development and the ICE Agency.

The HKTDC has created a website (https://beltandroad.hktdc.com/) where information on international BIS related projects and activities is available, regularly updated, and a platform to develop B2B contacts, already at the time of registration, to facilitate the exchange of information aimed at organizing the bilateral meetings that will take place in course of the whole day of the event.

If the company will participate in the delegation coordinated by Confindustria it will not be subject to the cost of participating in the 28 Summit in June (400US $) and will have to cover only travel and accommodation expenses.

This subsidy is provided for only a limited number of companies (according to the order of enrollment).

It should be noted that the type of company to which the event is addressed falls within the engineering, infrastructure, transport and plant engineering sectors.

Companies interested in being part of the Confindustria delegation can register through the online platform dedicated to the BIS within 27 April 2018: http://www.confindustria.it/Aree/ProgettoBRI.htm

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