Incentive production of energy from renewable sources - Signed the FER1 Decree

Having obtained the green light from the European Commission, it was signed by the Minister of Economic Development, the Hon. Di Maio, and the Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Hon. Costa, the FER1 Decree, which aims to support - through incentives and procedures aimed at promoting effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability - the production of energy from renewable sources to reach the European targets at 2030 defined in the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate.

In the forecasts, the provision will allow the construction of plants for a total power of around 8.000 MW, with an increase in production from renewable sources of around 12 billion kWh and with activated investments estimated at around 10 billion.

Among the highlights:
priority to incentives for plants built on closed landfills and on Sites of National Interest for the purposes of reclamation, for hydroelectric plants that respect the construction characteristics of the DM 23 June 2016, for plants connected in "parallel" with the electricity grid and with the columns recharging of electric cars and schools, hospitals and other public buildings for photovoltaic systems whose modules are installed to replace roofs of buildings and rural buildings on which the complete removal of eternity or asbestos is carried out
admission to tenders for the selection of projects for new construction plants, (completely reconstructed and reactivated, with a power lower than 1MW), subject to strengthening interventions (if the difference between the power after the intervention and the power before the intervention is less than 1 MW), subject to renovation (less than 1MW)
modification of the method of recognition of the premium on self-consumption.

After registration at the Court of Auditors, the provision will be published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic.

For more information, please refer to communication available on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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