Hyper-depreciation - New circular of the MiSE

The Ministry of Economic Development published, in the last 1 August, the District Circular no. 295485 through which it provides further clarifications concerning the interconnection requirement for certain assets of the first group of Annex A of the 2017 Budget Law.
On the basis of the requests received, the Ministry examines the constraint of remote loading of instructions and / or part programs, noting that for certain specific applications, the facilitating regulation does not necessarily require that the asset is able to receive input instructions and / o part program concerning the carrying out of one or more sequences of activities identified, programmed and / or externally dictated (for example, by an IT system, by a single user, owner of the process, etc.).
On the contrary, it is sufficient that the asset is able to transmit output data, functional, by way of example, to satisfy the additional requirements of remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote control and continuous monitoring of working conditions and parameters of process.

The circular can be consulted by clicking here.

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