Amortization - Published a new FAQ list by MiSE

The Ministry of Economic Development has made available a new list of clarification FAQs for the correct application of some critical points of hyperammoration.

The complete list of FAQs is available on the Ministry website, at following link.

MiSE's answers relate to the most frequently asked questions in the first months of tax evasion.
Among the most interesting points in the document are:
• clarifications on the applicability of hyperammoration to logistic facilities,
• the conditions to be respected in the case of revamping of existing machinery and plants
• the correct interpretation of the entry in Annex A relating to "" Machines, instruments and devices for loading and unloading, handling, weighing and automatic sorting of components, automatic lifting and manipulation devices ... "
• description of examples of correct integration between different machines present in the production process

Recall that all official documentation produced by the MiSE on hyper-depreciation can be downloaded from the ANIMA-ICIM-UCIMU portal on 4.0 Industry (

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