Confindustria white paper for the efficient development of renewables at 2030

On 4 December, Confindustria presented the White Paper with the proposals of the Association for an efficient development of renewable sources at 2030.

The new European sustainability targets require a long-term strategy for the development of Renewable Sources at 2030 and beyond. Since energy is a factor of competitiveness for the economic system, it is necessary to integrate environmental and security of supply objectives into the new energy market, with the objectives of competitiveness of the manufacturing system and opportunities for industrial development.

With this study, Confindustria intends to initiate a constructive and proactive dialogue with all the players in the energy system, providing its vision to promote decarbonisation as an opportunity for economic development. Research and technological progress, new tools to promote renewables (such as PPA), infrastructure needs and new market design, will be discussed as key factors to achieve new sustainability targets through renewable sources.

The Confindustria White Paper is available for ANIMA associates (

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