Waterborne materials - ANIMA membership at the European Consortium EDW

On the topic of waterborne materials, ANIMA formalized its accession to the European Consortium EDW (European Drinking Water), which was established in Brussels with the aim of lobbying for the revision of the 98 / 83 / CE Directive DWD.
Specifically, EDW collects almost all sectoral European associations representing manufacturers of materials and materials for contact with drinking water; the aim of the Consortium is to raise awareness of the European Commission on the need to reach Community regulation on this issue. This link is available from the list of associations participating in EDW:

The following is a summary of the main ongoing activities of EDW

Revision of the Drinking Water Directive 98 / 83 / CE
As part of the ongoing review process, EDW is preparing a proposal for amending the current Art. 10, which originates the various national laws on materials and products intended for contact with drinking water. The aim is to try to ensure that art. 10 of this directive is revised in such a way as to send the EC to develop specific European regulations that can replace national laws.
4MS Initiative - Assembled Product Group
EDW has been recognized as a partner by the states participating in the 4MS Voluntary Initiative of Harmonization of National Requirements (UK, F, NL, D).
An important novelty is that the 4MS has opened a workgroup on assembled products that aims to define a common procedure for evaluating product requirements. EDW has opened a similar workgroup with the purpose of producing a procedure for the 4MS, and also reflects on the EC, in the event that it decides to open up to regulation at European level.

ANIMA attended the EDW Assembly held on September 25. Meeting Report is available for Members (tecnico@anima.it)

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